Gorgeous Gift Wrapping – Five Great Ideas

1. This is a simple project from Minie Co that yields great results. I think this would great with old sheet music instead of newspaper.

crossword wrap

2. Word search wrapping paper is such a cute idea for the word lover in your life, or as a way to send a special surprise message.  This paper is from Fabio Milito or you could try making your own using Discover Education’s online puzzle maker.


3. Forget about paper and try fabric instead. These cotton wrapped chocolate bars are from Crafted by Lindy.

4. Confetti is a cheap and easy way to make a present more fun and interesting. These colour-dipped gifts are from Tokketok.

5. For large or oddly shaped items, try making your own gift bag. The Gifted Blog has a super easy tutorial with step by step photo instructions.

Happy Wrapping x


One response to “Gorgeous Gift Wrapping – Five Great Ideas

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